Thursday, December 10, 2009

Upcoming MommyPR Giveaways

Have I mentioned how much I love MommyPR and the great ladies who run it?!

Cuties Clementines: These look delish and they're in an ultra-cute stocking to boot!  Liam has recently been on a clementine kick and can easily down 2 or 3 at a sitting.  I'm sure he could do more but I prefer to limit him.  :)  Unfortunately, no stores in this area carry California Cuties but you should definitely see if they're in your neck of the woods.

Kid's craft kit of winner's choice.  Creativity for Kids makes some amazing craft kits for the kids and they're not just for the olders ones.  There are some felt and cloth based kits for the younger set.

Luna Bars Gift Pack: I didn't realize Luna now had fantastic flavors like Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Peppermint! 

Avery Holiday Pack: Avery has put together a pack of holiday-related items including the Avery Holiday Wizard and Stretchable Fabric Transfers.  It sounds like you can do a lot with this one!

Holiday Gift Pack: Lollipop Rascals is a great site full of wonderful items and gift sets for kids, all arranged by themes like space, safari, and holiday.  It's definitely somewhere I'll keep in mind for kid's presents in the future!

Illuminated Jet Bib: This one should catch the attention of anyone who has a hard time getting the attention of a little one while trying to get them to eat.  Think Geek has made a bib with an illuminated runway on it.  Of course, this wouldn't mean much except that the fork has a plane for the handle. 

HealthMaster: This looks like quite the appliance.  The HealthMaster is a blender, chopper, mixer, and and and.  Not only does it blend and chop but apparently you can make a hot soup in it, start to finish.  Wow!

There are also several giveaways on MommyPR for Pressman Toys' games:
Silly Socks: I'm quoting directly from MommyPR- this sounds like a blast for the little ones!  "Each player gets three silly socks to start. On your turn take an item from the washing machine. If it’s a sock that matches one of your three, put the pair in your laundry basket. But be careful! If you pull out a pair of pants you’ll lose one turn until you can try for silly socks again. The first player to collect three matching pairs wins. For 2 to 4 players, ages 3 to 5."

Rummikub for Kids: "The first Rummikub game especially designed for young kids, with 3 levels of play to keep up with them! Develops number and color recognitions skills and logical reasoning. A clever feature using shapes helps players self-correct their moves."

Splashy the Whale: This one sounds like good, messy fun.  "Get ready for an action-packed game with a splash of excitement! On your turn use the fishing rod to take something out of Splashy’s mouth. There are anchors, fishbones, even a submarine. But watch out. If you touch his tongue, he’ll spray you with water. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins."

Ring Around the Nosy: What kid wouldn't love to put on an elephant mask and see their parents doing the same?  "It’s the game that turns you into a playful pachyderm! Spread the rings on the game mat and put on your mask. Then- with your hands behind your back!- try to be the first player to scoop up your color rings using only your trunk. It’s a laugh-out-loud good time for everyone!"

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